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Evangel - Knowledge Of Sin

Posted by ChristCentric on Thu, Jun 26 2014 12:35:00

El Apologista - Agua Viva

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Evangel - Hey Mr. Gravity (A Response to Lecrae)

Posted by ChristCentric on Fri, Aug 30 2013 10:43:00

Hey Mr. Gravity, it's depravity/
That used to grab at the heart of Christian anatomy/
I wasn't glad to see you gradually graduated from this academy established by Adam and Eve, this pattern they'd leave avidly/
Now I see you atrophy, and happily turn to lacking concern in apathy/
See that's apathetic and it ain't poetic/
When His standard's so bananas an ape can get it/
Debated in this or that forum/
You've been given a platform to rap for Him in rap form/
We get caught up in twitter wars to get applause/
And don't get a plausible argument with a cause/
To rap like it was gauze, perhaps when hitting sores/
Did I hit a sore spot, I'm immature/
apparently, maturity's progression, and less stressing/
of the Lord that we professing, with metaphors and lessons/
Cause man has hate for Him, and so grab mics to go blab vocab/
And we think we should collab/
You're in the inner circle, the earth knows, you're liquid, work flows/
But hurt new birth grows, with church clothes/
I couldn't stand to listen/
You giving cause to examine Christian ammunition, is your plan efficient/
See I listened to it first, being missional in verse/
Was disgusting, discussing all the issues in the church/
Like that's a winning argument to win the hearts of men/
But thank God that he's sovereign and we can look beyond the sin/
I don't know what that's proving/
It comes across as a Christian bash movement, dash for the cash movement/
No X-ray to say you've become shady/
But let's say its some kind of crazy 180/
Unashamed of the gospel, you would stand in your armor/
Now there's fame and you prosper, and abandon the genre/
Your godly catalogue gave parents blind trust/
Then you go and flip flop your lineups, like hip hop defines us/
With interest in the latest beef like we're impressed/
Talking about they raising the bar like a bench press/
Not blazing it hard, for raising the bar/
No we're praising our God, to lay waste the facade/
Of who they think's in charge is a basic mirage/
The Christian faith is at large, with statements they dodge/
Rap's been under decline, so come in with rhymes/
With punch lines that punch in the mind, so the Son gets the shine/
You say it's the great I AM, but would He make a jam/
With a dude that endorsed weed, and I ain't talking horse feed/
Wait, cause what you pose like a mannequin/
Equates to you trying to relate like a man of kin/
Being wise as serpents and harmless as doves/
Ain't despising the church and calling it love/
Paul related to men/
Take notice, how he quoted their poets, just to show the true weight of their sin/
Didn't care if their bars ill, while sharing at Mars Hill/
Only there for the declaring of God's will/
Unafraid of suffering/
His love he wasn't shunning saying judgement day is coming, didn't run away from nothing/
It wasn't what they asked for/
Even still he wasn't fronting, trying to bring the gospel in through the backdoor/
Leaving heads spinning like vertigo, straight up like he's vertical/
the word and the Ruach converted folks/
To the Rock like a stage of geology/
No new methodology, just age old theology/
Urban missionary, I don't hate your mission/
Just wishing, there's no suspicion on your great commission/
Your rehab overdosed, deleting some brother's post/
Like we coming close to even being above reproach/
I know you're at an advantage/
And manage, to have a twitter battle on this battlefield, with collateral damage/
Being children in the kill zone, that care about skills shown/
Well, something about drowning, no lifeguard and a millstone/
That's where you dropped the ball like its a fumble/
When potentially your vents could be causing them to stumble/
I ain't fighting, the freedom in your writing/
We speak what we delight in, they need to be enlightened/
Before they're thrust in the fire, tell them trust the Messiah/
It's dire, to much who's given, much is required/
Instead of reporting where we fail/
Consider the fallout, and see this as a cautionary tale/