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Posted by ChristCentric on Wed, Jul 07 2010 12:36:00


AMARA JANUSHAN said on Sep 07, 2010
I am spiritualy deff, i can hear just not the way most people do. i like your music but satan and demons do somthing to make me think your words or music sound different. i hate it!!! i love Music please pray for me, because your music..... i realy want to hear what it sounds like. i have had this problem for years. i keep hopeing and trying for the day i can hear music the way the artist made it agian.thank you and God bless you.
Steven Williams said on Sep 15, 2010
I think this song's awesome. It's funny, my brother moved to PA a few years ago, shortly after he was reborn, and for the past 6 months or so he's been sending me christian rap cds. Expository Journey was the first one he sent me, and now I don't even listen to 'secular' rap anymore (unless someone else is playing it on the radio and I don't have a lot of control). It's really cool, and it helped me find my way. Hip hop has been my major focus in life for too long, and songs like these fill the gap between clever, content heavy, lyrical, gotta think about it a little to get it hip hop, and Jesus. Songs like these keep me coming back for more. I'm not going to say christian hip hop has changed my life because I know Jesus has, but it's really cool you guys have found another medium to reach people. It's totally blown my perspective of christian hip hop out of the water, and inspired me to believe that writing songs (one of the things I truly think I'm best at (out of all of my own qualities)) has a purpose. It doesn't seem like a waste of my time to sit down and come up with lyrics, because I realized I can glorify the good Lord Jesus Christ doing what I know best. Thanks.
Steven Williams said on Sep 20, 2010
I really like this song, and it's nice that good music is being made about the gospel. It really helped me get where I need to be going (which is with Christ). I thank the Lord that ever since my brother moved to PA, he started sending me some Christian Rap cds and it's actually made a big difference. I just was wondering if there's any stuff you guys do out there for free? It's definitely money I can spare, but I'm trying to be wise with it. Thanks, and in the Lord's name, keep up the good work.
Joseph Kalo said on Oct 30, 2010
This is awesome! God truly has given us an attitude for righteousness, which is in Jesus Christ; he is our righteousness. How do I find out how many songs are on a CD, by the way?

Thanks for your ministry
Franky said on Mar 04, 2011
Yessir, Praise the Lord!

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