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Chrys Jones, a Kentucky native, signed with Christcentric in 2017. His journey began in the fall of 2006 when a friend gave him a copy of Lecrae “After The Music Stops”. Chrys, a self-professed Christian, realized that he didn’t truly know the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation that He offers to sinful men who put their faith Him.


During that fall, Chrys read the gospel of Matthew and Revelation and his life was forever changed by the glorious gospel which is the power of God unto salvation. Prior to his conversion, Chrys was a hip-hop artist whose raps were filled with pride, self-righteousness, and the false Christianity which has become prevalent in today’s hip hop scene. After his conversion, Chrys was determined to use his talents for the Lord. 

Chrys released his debut Christcentric album, Meno, in 2017. Prior to Meno he also released an EP—The Sentiment (2014) and two mixtapes— “The No Name Mixtape (2009) and NNMII (2011). As a producer, Chrys produces his own music and has been featured on several CHH releases over the years, including: Yaves (fka Street Pastor)- Underdog’s Anthem (2008), J Crum (fka Preach)- Kingdom Minded (2010), Phanatik- Pity Party, Prayze Party, and Pool Party (2010), King Kulture- Fight On (2012), Christcentric Romans Project Pt. 1 (2017), and many more.

As an engineer, Chrys has been mixing and mastering his own music since he began rapping in 2001. As a student of mixing and mastering, Chrys has studied techniques and used training tools such as Matt Weiss’ “Mixing Hip Hop” series to improve his craft. Aside from his own music, he has also done some mixing and mastering for Kevin Ross and J. Crum. You can hear some of Chrys’ most recent mastering work on J. Crum’s album “Black Sheep” and Christcentric’s Romans Project. Chrys’ focus as an artist, producer, and engineer is to contribute meaningfully to Christian hip-hop, a genre that helped lead him to Christ. Following the path laid by Christcentric, Shai Linne, and others, his mission is to promote Christ-exalting, scripture-saturated, and high quality lyrical theology. As hip-hop, including CHH, follows the trends of what’s current and popular, Chrys want to remain true to the music that he grew up listening to and true to the gospel which is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16)." 




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